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::Thursday, January 01, 2004::

Thought Iíd tell everyone to have a good year, and let you know that we wonít be around for it.

Yep, thatís right. Itís time for Starfireís Redwall Abbey to shut its virtual doors. I had been planning to do some major redesigning and updating over Christmas break, but I didnít. All the explanations I could give you come to this: Iíve realized that itís not an issue of whether I have the time to continue working on this site, but whether I have the desire. And I donít have the desire to continue; the reasons why are unimportant.

This site will have been running for five years on March 13, 2004, and thatís the date that it will officially go off the Internet. That should give visitors enough time to finish up any current role-playing or discussion threads, find someplace new to chat, and contact me with questions about the use of anything you want to scavenge off the site. Iíll be removing the files for the site around that date, so please act now if thereís something of yours that exists only on the site that youíd like to save.

Running this site has been a great experience, and even with all the not-so-great times I wouldnít change a thing. Thanks to everybody whoís stuck by and made Starfire's Redwall Abbey what it was.

I hope your memories of this place are as good as mine.

--Starfire | [6:14 PM] | link

::Saturday, September 06, 2003::

Publisher's Weekly has an article up about book ad campaigns that includes a Very Bright thumbnail of Loamhedge and some info about the market campaign used to advertise the book. Pretty cool.
--Starfire | [11:14 PM] | link

::Friday, August 29, 2003::

Hey-ho Redwall fans,
I thought I should post a quick note and mention that no, this site is not dead and no, I've not fallen off the face of the earth. Over the past month and a half I've been faced with the monsterous task of cleaning up horridly disorganized room so that I could pack for college, packing for college, moving to college, etc... I got moved in last Saturday, but some of my fellow freshmen forgot to ditch the viruses on their computers, so I've been without internet access for most of the week (they closed my dorm and the other freshmen dorm down so the upperclassmen could use the computers to register). Annnnnyway, I have all the files for this site on my laptop, which is with me, and I'm all settled in now, so I'll be updating sometime soon. And it will be a very large update, maybe even the Update That Ate Salamandastron or something...

For those of you who want something to read, check out an article about a 12-year-old Redwall-reading genius who's just started attending medical school (thanks to the folks who sent me the link!).
--Starfire | [2:50 PM] | link

::Friday, July 18, 2003::

Two new stories up in Campfire Tales in the Library, Feelings and Get Off My Back, both courtesy of Willow.

I linked the Interactive Fiction thingy off the main library page, at long last. You can use that to put up your stories or send them to the library address.

'Member that 'A Redwall Journal' book that I (think I) mentioned a few posts back? now has a cover for it up on their page.
--Starfire | [10:11 PM] | link

::Sunday, July 13, 2003::

Heylo, everyone's favorite Lazy Lagomorph here. I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates, really I am, but I never have time in the summer for some odd reason and every time I've sat down to update I've ended up being called away to work on something else. Very tragic. Anyhow, some loveable bootlegger on e-bay finally posted an ARC of Loamhedge, with picture. It's not a close-up and we seem to have gone from circles declaring books ARC to bands across the front that block the view of the characters, but nonetheless, click here for the image...

Also, you'll have much better luck e-mailing me if you send an e-mail to admin (for general messages) or library (for library submissions) You can also post your stories at the interactive fiction thingy, which I promise will be linked from the Library next update. Reaaaally.
--Starfire | [5:32 PM] | link

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